Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

In response to questions raised by some in regards to the suitability of the FST filters to be used on diesel equipment in operation in underground coal mines we have attempted to answer the commonly asked questions and provide direction to the facts and studies that support these answers.

Listed below are the Most Frequently Asked Questions we receive. Click on the +/-  to see the full answer.

+ What are the health and safety aspects of continuous filament glass fibre inhalation?

+ Continuous Filament Glass Fibre and Human Health (European glass fibre produces association)

+ Will the glass fibers in the filter media break off, fall apart and become a carcinogenic health risk to people?

+ Why do high temperature glass fiber filters take time to stabilize and reach their operating efficiency?

+ Are filters with fibreglass medium effective and efficient at filtering out diesel particulate matter?

+ Are high temperature glass fiber DPM filters likely to burn?

+ Is the testing conducted by MSHA as comprehensive or as good as that done in Australia and are their underground diesel engine standards different?

+ Why is the MSHA test of filters to reduce emission reductions carried out using a dry heat exchanger and not a wet scrubber?

+ Do you have delivery service?

+ What are your store hours?